Snapshots of 2022

Sharing some snippets from my diary to round out the year. These are all scribbled with pencil on a small, faintly lined spiral notebook I snatched from my husband 😂 2022 was a bit tough but it was also a year stuffed with love, joy, and happiness thanks to my sweet husband and bunchild. Happy New Year of the Bunny, everyone 🐰🎉

Cookie baking therapy

Inspired by hours of binge-watching cookie decorating shows with my husband & fantasizing about opening our own tiny bakery/bookstore/cafe filled with rescue animals 🐰🍪 We cut the bunny cookies by hand, too! These aren’t the usual comics, illustrations, or doodles I post but I decided they are artsy-ish enough to share anyway 😂

Almond and vanilla dino sugar cookies decorated with royal icing. Lots of imperfections but cute nonetheless 😂
Strawberry bunny cookies cut by hand! They were eventually topped with lemon buttercream frosting.
Bunboti in cookie form! I was way too excited about this.

“Covid Diaries” in Pangyrus Literary Magazine

I’m so excited to share my new comics publication, “Covid Diaries,” in Pangyrus literary magazine! The comics can be found on the website here and will also be included in their next print issue. Hooray!